Moderator wanted!

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    • Moderator wanted!

      We are looking for moderators, who can spend time on the server and answer question other users might have.

      To become a moderator you should be open to new players on the server and treat them nicely. Also, you
      should have the time to check on the server or the forum daily and answer any questions you find or write new posts if you think they are needed.
      You definitively need TeamSpeak, a good understanding of Minecraft (the plugins will be explained to you later), and a reliable way to contact you.

      If you want to apply for this Job you can send us an E-mail to
      Please tell us your age, your name (first name is fine), where you are from (the name of your city), and why you think you are the right guy for this job.
      Please note, that you need to be able to speak English! (speaking German is recommended since we are a German network, but is not necessarily needed) All additional languages help.

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